Hoya sp. NS05-055 Leaves Are Going Full Red Again

I’m so glad that Julie Kennedy got me a cutting of this plant again as it puts on such an incredible leaf display. I’ve decided that I have to cut back on some of the lighting in my tents as when leaves turn this red, it is a sign that they are getting too much light.

Another Look At Hoya sp. EPC-610 Aff. acuta

Hoya sp. EPC-610 Aff. acuta is an example of why I like Hoyas so much. It is a plant that you can have for years with just an occasional repotting. It flowers just enough to be interesting, but not enough to become annoying, and when it does flower the scent perfumes the room.

A Celebration of Hoya patella Day Two

Hoya patella is a plant as I’ve said many times before needs high humidity to do well. It is not that particular as to temperature, but its humidity needs are absolute or it declines quite rapidly.

Hoya Inflata Is Challenging To Grow!

There is a reason why a cutting of this plant sells for $60 if you are lucky enough to find it for sale. It is exceptionally difficult to grow. I have started my plant over again multiple times over the last four years. It will start to grow a new vine and then die back and this can happen dozens of times. It is so frustrating! I’m finally beginning to realize that this is a plant that needs very little water and even a touch too much causes die back. While this single flower is not very impressive, it makes me happy as it has been such a long time between flowerings!

Hoya inflata Flowers For First Time In Four Years!

Hoya inflata is a plant that I used to be able to grow well, and I was even able to sell a number of plants that I rooted over the first two years that I had it, but then it all went horribly wrong. After a period, no matter what I tried it would not grow for me, and it has been on life support now for years. More tomorrow as I leave you with my single inflata bloom from a couple of days ago: