Hoya calycina

I bought Hoya calycina (IML 0201) as a cutting from the Liddle Nursery in Australia in 2009.  It is an easy, and vigorous grower that flowers in response to shortening day length hours.  In appearance and habit, it is very similar to H. magnifica and until it flowers the two plants are difficult or I should say impossible to tell apart.  The leaves are pubscent (fuzzy), and the flowers have red centers and are around 1 ¼ inches (almost 3 cm) across.  The plant originates from Papua New Guinea and was first described in 1913.  The plant is very fragrant and can infuse your entire house in a beautiful lilac scent.

I grow this plant in my regular potting mix and give it no special care other than to move it to the greenhouse for a few short months in the summer.  I believe that it can be flowered within 1-2 years from a cutting.  Mine took three, because I made the mistake of having it to close to a growlight that was on for twelve hours a day.  This plant will not easily flower if the day length does not begin to shorten.  I find this to also be the case with its close cousin Hoya magnifica.  All in all, this Hoya is an outstanding plant and one that now makes my top ten list of must own Hoyas.  Here is a You Tube Link to a Video Tour of the plant titled A Visit with Hoya calycinahttp://youtu.be/eiUA8W23dtA