Hoya sp. East of Thailand SRBR-JSNwf

Hoya sp. East of Thailand SRBR-JSNwf is a plant that I can tell you almost nothing about other than how I grow it.  The plant came as a cutting from SRQ Hoyas in the summer of 2012 with nothing other than its name and Joni’s accession number which is SRQ 3159.  It does not flower quickly and took around 32 months, flowering in January of 2015.  The leaves on Hoya sp. East of Thailand SRBR-JSNwf (SRQ 3159) vary greatly in length; ranging from 3 – 6 inches (7.6 – 15 centimeters).    They are all spear shaped with widths around 1.25 inches (3 centimeters).  The flowers in their unreflexed state are around 12mm from point to point and when fully reflexed are around 7mm across.  They are tinted green and highly fragrant, easily perfuming an entire room.

Hoya sp. East of Thailand SRBR-JSNwf is another of those plants where a forced dormancy followed by highly desirable growing conditons  will bring it into flower.  I have now had this same phenomena happen to a number of Hoyas over the years.  In the Autumn of 2014, when bringing the plants in from outside, I noticed the first peduncles that had formed on this plant.  Unfortunately, when I put the plant into the grow tent most of them fell off.  I than gave up on it, and move it into the regular house where the plant went into complete dormancy where it sat for around eight weeks.  I than moved it back into the grow tent when space opened up, and it almost immediately went into growth overdrive and flowered in a couple of months primarily under T-5 fluorescent lighting.  Hoya sp. East of Thailand SRBR-JSNwf makes a fine specimen plant and is one that I can highly recommend, and if you like highly perfumed flowers, than this is the Hoya for you!

H. sp. East of Thailand SRBR-JSNwf 021015aHoya sp. East of Thailand SRBR-JSNwf (SRQ 3159) Leaves