Hoya sp. MT-02 On The Cold Winter Windowsill

I took this photo back in the middle of January when everything here in Vermont is at its darkest. I was pretty taken aback that this plant would actually flower in such conditions. You can see the snow through the window and condensation built up on the glass.

Final Day With Hoya sp. IM-08

Hoya sp. IM-08 is a fantastic new discovery that if I had to guess will be named a new species in 2024. It gives you the tiny round leaves of Hoya serpens without any of the difficulties of its growing requirements. The cute little starfish shaped flowers are an added bonus. This little plant gets my highest recommendation!

Hoya sp. IM-08 Keeps On Growing and Growing and…

The top photo was taken 10 months ago and the bottom photo was taken just now. I recently moved it up from a five inch pot to a seven inch pot. The plant now stands well over three feet tall. It grows only in the tent under artificial lighting with high humidity and warm temps.

Growing Hoya sp. IM-08 Part Four

I find that while Hoya sp. IM-08 is a vigorous and prolific grower, it is rather stingy with its flowerings. Since I bloomed the plant the first time, I have only had a couple more flowers. There is some kind of blooming trigger that I have not figured out as of yet. I believe the secret must lie with increasing or decreasing day length.

Growing Hoya sp. IM-08 Part Three

Hoya sp. IM-08 just like Hoya serpens got tons of peduncles, which refused to bud up. I began to wonder if I was ever going to flower this one, when finally after about a year I finally spotted a small bud, and it flowered soon afterward.