Hoya clemensiorum Leaf – Week Three

This photo was taken 8 days after the last one and you can see that the leaf moved from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches putting on 3 inches of new growth in that short amount of time. I am guessing that that rate of growth will begin to slow down next week, but we will see!

Hoya onychoides New (AH-455) Flowers Again

I am excited to have this one flower for the 2nd time for me. It is another one that is growing in leca, but only started growing okay and flowering after putting it on a heat mat. I have found that growing in semi-hydro only works okay for me if I can keep that root zone warm enough. Otherwise, I end up with total root rot.

Hoya sp. Buntok In Bud Again

I hate it when a peduncle forms right at the top of the pot, but it is nice that this species is trying to flower for me again. This is a plant that likes to live in coconut husk, and be watered when dry. It also does far better in tap water than RO or rain water.

Hoya insularis In Bud Again

I started this plant over again as the roots all rotted out in leca using semi-hydro. I used two different mediums this time: Coconut Husk and Tree Fern Fiber. Both worked pretty well as long as you water very little and only give sips not complete soakings. It is very susceptible to root rot. If I had to pick the best medium, I would go with coconut chips.

Hoya mirabilis and Hoya calycina Together

I can’t remember at this point if I have had these two species together or not so here we are. It may be the last H. mirabilis photo for some time as I just had to start the plant over because of root rot. I am now moving to coconut chips to see if it fares better than in leca.