Hoya bella Seed Pod Finally Ruptures

This seedpod took approximately 8 months to mature and rupture.  I was beginning to give up hope.  The seeds are half the size of other Hoya seeds that I have seen to this point.  There was a huge number of them.  I planted 98 seeds, two to a plastic egg carton holder.  I sold 3 packages of 14 seeds each with the stipulation that I don’t even know if the seeds are viable.  So in total there were 140 seeds in that one pod!  Now lets hope for some germination.  I will report back soon.

Last Photo of Hoya sp. EPC-207

You can’t keep them all and this is one of the many Hoyas slated for elimination from my collection this summer.  Here is the last new bloom photo of Hoya sp. EPC-207 on this site: