Hoya sp. EPC-209 NRT 1 Blooms Open During The Daylight Hours

I had never noticed it before, but Hoya sp. EPC-209 NRT 1 is one of those few Hoyas whose buds open in the daylight hours. I went into the tent in the morning, and the buds had not opened; went back in a couple hours later and they had sprung open. Here is a photo before the blooms have had a chance to reflex:

Hoya imperialis Palawan Has Been Resurrected!

Hoya imperialis has been one of my signature Hoyas now for well over a decade. I have flowered them dozens of times over the years, but for the past couple of years I have struggled with them. I simply could not figure out why they would no longer grow for me for months on end. I made no sense at all. I now believe that once again flat mites were causing all of my problems with stunted and deformed plants. Since spraying my Hoya imperialis have been doing far better. Here is Hoya imperialis Palawan from yesterday: