New Trellising System

I think I invented a new method of hanging plants, and, or trellising them. I have a couple of recent videos talking about the process, but here is a Hoya linearis hanging in one. I think this will be a game changer in how I deal with some of my smaller Hoyas that need to be trellised, but are not yet ready to moved up to a larger pot.

Hoya pubicalyx Blooming In the Dark

It is so gray and dreary here in Vermont right now, it is hard to believe that this Hoya pubicalyx Pink Dragon mustered the energy to flower on the windowsill. The flower color is very muted because of the lack of light, but I think that it made the scent more intense. Last night while sitting in the living room, I kept smelling something very sweet and it turned out to be these flowers.

Hoya linearis In Bud

I used to believe that Hoya linearis was difficult, but it really is not much harder than your average Hoya. The main thing that it appreciates is a little humidity in the air, but other than that it is pretty straight forward.