A Few Days With Hoya thomsonii ‘Pink’

For the second year in a row, I managed to get Hoya thomsonii to flower at the wrong time. This is a plant that ordinarily blooms as the days shorten in the fall. By growing it most of the year under grow lights that stay on for 15 hours/day and then moving it to grow lights that are on for 12 hours/day, it will set flowering in motion.

Final Day With Hoya naumannii

Today is our final day with Hoya naumannii. This is a plant that if you want to grow, and flower it successfully, you will need a strong trellis as it is a heavy, active grower. The blooms are scented, and while not unpleasant smelling, they are not sweet and perfumy. It is a Hoya that will take up a lot of room, so sadly, I am having to give up my plant to make space so that I can give others a try.