Hoya celata and Its 7 Inch Leaf.

Hoya celata did nothing all summer, and as soon as I got it into the grow tent, the plant went crazy with growth and is now budding up on a peduncle. Here is one of its leaves from this morning.

Hoya darwinii Has Buds!

I never thought I would say that again as this is one of the hardest Hoyas to keep alive period. I thought that I had lost this plant and had a two leaved cutting that I stuck in leca and pretty much forgot about it, and surprise; it refused to die! More on this plant if the buds make it to term.

Hoya cf. Palawanica IML 1605 Rooted Easily in Coconut Husk

Most Hoyas as I have found this year root exceptionally well in moist coconut husk, but what happens after that? This is the question that I keep working on. You have to be really careful with coco husk as much of it is very salty as some of it sits in ocean water for months before it is processed. It is always safer to soak and rinse many times before using it. I have many plants currently rooted in it, but while the roots can be amazing, I seem to have a lot of trouble to get any new growth above the soil line. At this point I can’t really recommend this medium as it is also very easy to rot the roots with it.

My Experience with Hoya cf. Palawanica IML 1605

I received Hoya cf. Palawanica IML 1605 as a one node, one leaf cutting in July of this year and it put on a peduncle and flowered in Late September. It was rooted in coconut husk and has yet to put on any new growth other than a peduncle, which budded up and produced 4 flowers.