Hoya sp. NS05-240 Has Really Long Peduncles!

I was completely taken by surprise at how long the peduncles on this Hoya were.  I think that they are among the longest in the Hoya world; below you can see that the peduncle itself is 9.5 inches long.  Add in the length of the pedicels and your talking almost 11 inches!

My History with Hoya sp. NS05-240 Part Three

I was thrilled to finally see good growth and an actual plant materializing out of the tiny cuttings that I was forced to use this go around with this tough to grow little Hoya.  After about two years of growth, I was finally rewarded with my first peduncle, and I was really thrilled!

My History with Hoya sp. NS05-240 Part One

I started this cutting over many times during the first 3 years that I owned this plant, and invariably I would rot the roots off.  It was just a very difficult Hoya to get growing.  I would just start to see some new growth, and then it would just sit there for months doing nothing.  The leaves looked like those on Hoya DS-70 and I expected it to be easy like that plant and nothing could be further from the truth!

Let’s Talk About Hoya sp. NS05-240

We are moving from one difficult to flower Hoya in Hoya sp. UT-240 right into another in Hoya sp. NS05-240.  I know that I received this Hoya as a cutting from Ric Morier probably in 2013, or 2014.  Below the buds of Hoya sp. NS05-240: