The Flowers of Hoya Seeds AH-138

The flowers only have a hint of scent and last about 5 days in total. This is the first flowering with a minimum of blooms, but I believe that subsequent flowering will produce far more. There are already buds pushing out from behind the first flowers that are much more numerous. The flowers are similar to another AH wild cross – Seeds 002, but are a different color. I love this iridescent pink!

Flowering Hoya Seeds AH-138

This plant went through a couple of up-pottings and eventually ended up in a 5 inch clear orchid pot using coconut husk chips as a potting medium. I was surprised by a peduncle with relatively large developing buds that was hiding under one of its massive leaves. From cutting to flower, it only took about 9-10 months growing in a tent.

Where Does Hoya Seeds AH-138 Come From?

I can only make a supposition on where Hoya Seeds AH-138 comes from. AH Hoya Plant Nursery in Thailand has a lot of plants blooming at the same time all over the place, and insects are continually going from flower to flower. I believe that cross pollinations happen quite frequently producing seed pods. Many of these seeds are planted to see what kind of plant is produced. When something comes across that is interesting, they number it, reproduce it, and sell it as cuttings or rooted plants. I believe these plants are sort of wild crosses, and I’m not sure that they know what the parentage is.

Let’s Talk About Hoya Seeds AH-138

Hoya Seeds AH-138 was not on my radar when it was very kindly gifted to me by my good Hoya friend Wil early last fall. It arrived as a cutting that easily rooted, and had relatively small leaves. It gave no indication of the massively large beautiful leaves that it was capable of producing.

After All These Years, Hoya macgillivrayi Still Can Put Out The Blooms

I’ve had this clone of Hoya macgillivrayi now for at least 15 years, and I’ve lost track with how many times I’ve started it over from cuttings. This time around there are hardly any leaves, and really, it is not much to look at, but look at the flowers that it put out after only about a year from starting it over. Truly a remarkable plant!

Hoya stenaokei Dark Flowering Away

At least six times I have had this same number of four flowers appear on this peduncle. It seems no sooner that one set of flowers falls off, another set starts forming to replace it. This plant is a must have!!

Hoya aff. Bella PES-03 Is Flowering Away In The Livingroom

After years of trying to grow a decent specimen of Hoya aff. Bella PES-03, I finally have done it. I have a large plant with two open sets of flowers and many more peduncles with developing buds. Here is a photo I took yesterday of one set of flowers. More to come as the other buds begin opening. The secret to growing this plant well is apparently in the substrate used. It seems to love large coconut husk chips.