Growing Hoya anncajanoae Part Two

Usually if your Hoya is not growing, and it is not in hibernation from dry winter air, it means that there is some root rot going on. I am certain that some of my issues with Hoya anncajanoae came from root rot that I kept choosing to ignore.

Growing Hoya anncajanoae Part One

As with most Hoyas, this one was moved up through a series of pots starting out with a 2 inch rose pot and eventually ending up in a 6 inch plastic pot. It grew well at times, but only in stops and starts, sometimes going many months with no new growth.

Hoya calycina ‘Stargazer’ Flowering In February!

While these flowers look similar to Hoya australis, they are larger and more fragrant by a factor of three. Not an easy Hoya for me, and never has been, but I keep it around because of these outstanding flowers. It dislikes growing under lights and dislikes growing on the windowsill in the winter. It only grows well for me in the summer greenhouse.

Final Day with Hoya australis ‘Lisa’

While I have been slow to jump on the variegated Hoya bandwagon, thinking that many of these creations look sickly, I have to say that Hoya australis ‘Lisa’ makes a very handsome specimen. The very fragrant flowers that last about a week are a huge bonus that seem to appear when the day length begins to shorten. It is slightly sensitive to over watering, but seems otherwise to be pretty unproblematic. It gets my highest recommendation!

Where Did Hoya australis ‘Lisa’ Come From?

Hoya australis ‘Lisa’ definitely was not created in nature. Hoya australis ssp. tenuipes was taken and somehow its genes were manipulated with chemicals ,and, or radiation to create this variegated wonder. All I know about it was that it came into the trade around 2004, or 2005 and started the entire variegated Hoya craze.

Growing Hoya australis ‘Lisa’ Part Five

Lisa put on a number of peduncles through the late fall of 2020, but time after time the buds would dry up and fall off. I simply could not figure it out, but came up with a hypothesis that maybe the day length of my lighting cycle was too long for it to bud up. I use about a 15 hour light cycle in my basement because it helps to heat the tent for more hours in the day. I works out well for most plant but not all. I moved the plant to my only upstairs tent with a 12 hour daylength.

Growing Hoya australis ‘Lisa’ Part Four

The summer of 2020 was not a good one for Lisa. She ceased growing altogether, and I feared that I had rotted the roots and would have to start the plant over. I brought the plant back inside from the greenhouse in September, and miraculously it started growing quite vigorously.