Growing Hoya persicina Part Two

Finally in 2018 I saw my first peduncle, but it took forever to finally bud up and when it did of course the buds blasted. Finally in the spring of 2019 Buds began to form on one of many peduncles. There were not many, but I was excited none the less.

Growing Hoya persicina Part One

Hoya persicina rooted very quickly and grew well right out of the box, but year after year went by with no peduncles. It looked like this was going to be one of those really shy bloomers.

Hoya archboldiana YM Excellent With My Biggest Batch of Flowers

Ted Green’s Hoya archboldiana YM Excellent is really quite excellent even though the name was made up and is really the original Hoya archboldiana. I brought this one up out of the tent to enjoy for 10 days, or so while it was in flower. I have to say that the scent was outstanding, and it was great having it upstairs in the living space.

Hoya inflata One More Time

We ended the month with Hoya inflata and now we are going to begin another with the plant. Mostly because I have suffered with it for so long, I’m going to make the most of it. The plant really is a bear to grow; just remember: warm, humid, good light, but most of all don’t over water – keep it very dry.

Let’s End This Month With Hoya inflata

Hoya inflata is a plant that I had pretty much given up on growing, as I had struggled mightily with it over the past 4 years. I finally seem to have it under control though. Here is what you need to do if you want to grow it like me. Use semi-hydro, but keep it very dry; only water when it is completely dry and then only give it a sip. Growing it this way has finally gotten the thing to actually start looking like a plant again. Here is a set of blooms from this week:

Hoya sp. Black Leaves EPC-301 – The Entire Plant

I never could really understand why this one came with this particular name, as there are no black leaves at all. I rather think that it is just another in a long line of parasitica/verticulata/acuta clones. It does not really matter as it is a fine looking plant.

Final Day with Hoya sp. UT-038 Flores Island

Hoya sp. UT-038 Flores Island is really a no muss, no fuss kind of plant that is very easy to cultivate and presents no real challenges. Like most Hoyas it appreciates extra warmth and humidity, but will live without it. With the dark green foliage and the bright yellow flowers, it makes a fine specimen plant.