Growing Hoya sp. EPC-319 PG-04 Part One

It is appropriate that I was reminded of this plant from a customer of mine who received it as a freebie from me, as that is how I received it. I got it as a free cutting from Ric Morier from an eBay purchase that I made from him back in 2017. It was an easy cutting to root and took off and grew well right from the beginning. It has strong aerial roots as can be seen from the photo below:

Time To Talk About Hoya sp. EPC-319 PG-04

I have quite a few Hoyas that I have flowered that for one reason or another have not yet made an appearance on this site. Hoya sp. EPC-319 PG-04 is one of those and it was brought to my attention by an eBay customer of mine when she received a cutting of it from me as a freebie.

And You Thought It Was All Fun and Games!

The way I grow Hoyas in grow tents on huge humidity trays come with a lot of maintenance. Every few months I have to strip everything down to access these trays to scrub them out and sanitize them. A humidifier might be easier, but they require maintenance too and either expensive cartridges, and, or distilled water. My way is free, but if you count my hours of cleaning, it may be more expensive! Below one of my trays ready for cleaning; you can see in the bottom right corner my shop vac for pulling out the water and scum.