Hoya fungii x Hoya pubicalyx RHP

Hoya fungii x Hoya pubicalyx RHP (Royal Hawaiian Purple) was given to me as a cutting by my friend Naomi right here in Vermont in the summer of 2021. It rooted very quickly and was up-planted twice at this point on its way to flowering. I rooted this plant in coconut husk chips and moved it to soft tree fern substrate after the 3 oz up was full of roots. It graduated to a 4.75 inch clear orchid pot, and soon produced numerous peduncles and strong buds soon followed. This is a strong plant with no annoying tendency to blast buds thankfully! There are not many Hoyas that will put on this kind of floral display at 10 months from starting it from a cutting!

I had to look this one up as I was unsure of how this was done. If there is a wild cross and you are unsure of the which plant bore the seedpod of a suspected cultivar, parents are written in alphabetical order. If you know which plant was the mother and had the seedpod, the mother is written first, followed a multiplication sign, followed by the father. I have seen this plant written both ways on the internet so I have to go with how it was labeled when I got it; so I assume that the plant that bore the seedpod was Hoya fungii. Please let me know if this is incorrect in the comment section of a YouTube video that I will post in the near future.

This is a Hoya cultivar that gets my absolute highest recommendation for its outstanding foliage, very early first blooms, and ease of care. I really can’t say anything bad about this one; simply everyone should have it in their collection!