Hoya aff. lambii (SLM 04)

I received Hoya aff. lambii (SLM 04) from an Indonesian vendor in the middle of the summer of 2022. It arrived in pretty rough shape with just a couple of useable leaves which I was fortunately able to root in coconut husk using a warm propagator box. I found that this Hoya has grown exceptionally slowly and put on very few leaves. Finally in April of this 2023, I spotted my first peduncle starting to grow, and buds followed soon after.

I wondered why this plant was called Hoya aff. lambii, when the leaves looked almost nothing like Hoya lambii. The leaves were more reminiscent of some of the Hoya Finlaysonii Complex than H. lambii. I quickly found out that the flowers are virtually identical to H. lambii including the fact that they remain open for only one day.

I wish that I had more information on this plant, other than acquiring it from Indonesia. If anyone knows any additional info, please let me know. I believe that Hoya aff. lambii (SLM 04) is a plant best left to completist collectors as it would never make it in the regular house. I believe that it needs very warm, humid conditions in order to thrive. That being said, the flowers are quite nice to experience in person, and the plant is somewhat easier to grow that the original Hoya lambii.