Hoya bordenii

Hoya bordenii is a Philippine Hoya described back in 1906 by Rudolf Schlechter.  He was a German Botanist who is said to have described at least a thousand new species, many of them Orchids which was his primary field of study.  Hoya bordenii is an unresolved name.

I had this Hoya as a small plant way back when I got interested seriously in Hoyas about 12 years ago.  I lost the plant as my knowledge of keeping these plants back then was not the best.  I decided to reacquire the plant in 2017. My cutting  was pretty straight forward and rooted very quickly in my standard mix.  I used a net pot to make it easier to know when to water. This plant presented no problems this go around.  It was a steady if somewhat slow grower that budded up for the first time in February of 2019 about 16 months after acquiring the cutting.  It flowered shortly there after.

Hoya bordenii is an okay Hoya, but the flowers were too similar to two other Philippine Hoyas that would make better choices if one wasn’t trying to collect all the Hoyas in the world.  Both Hoya sp. Mindanao UT-247, and Hoya ilagiorum are quicker, and more rampant bloomers with flowers that are very close to Hoya bordenii.