Hoya bella (Standard)

Hoya bella is a plant that I kept for a number of years and then threw it into the trash.  The plant flowered profusely, but the foliage never did well.  The leaves would continually become pitted, yellow and fall off.  I probably picked up hundreds of dead leaves in the time that I had the plant.  One day I just could not pick up another leaf and I threw the plant into the garbage – pot and all!  A Hoya friend recently gave me another start of the plant, and we shall see how I fair with it this time around.  It does have lovely blooms, but I have very little patience for a plant that continually loses its leaves.  The plant is on notice – lose more than 10 leaves, and you are outta here! Here is a link to a new time-lapse video of the blooms opening:  http://youtu.be/IVhO-ttHIVM

**Update** I have found since writing the original entry that Hoya bella is an extremely easy plant to keep if you never let it dry out.  Use a self watering pot, and keep it topped off.  To see how spectacular Hoya bella can look check out my new video tour of the plant below: