Hoya pottsii ‘Chiang Mai’

This Hoya was sold to me under the name of Hoya merrillii so that is what I am going to go with until I find out the correct name.  I have seen pictures of other’s Hoya merrillii, and they look quite different than mine.  All I know is that this plant is near perfect on many levels.  I feel that with its deeply scalloped leaves, compact form, it is lovely to behold.  It looks so nice that the flowers are only a bonus.  Whatever its name may be, it is a keeper!! Edited 7/15/12 – I just found out the true name of this plant; it is called Hoya pottsii ‘Chiang Mai’ and is from Thailand.  I love this Hoya even more than before.  Here is the link to a High Definition time-lapse video of the bloom opening (it even has a pet Rat!):


Update December 2022: All Hoya pottsii are now considered to be a synonym of Hoya verticillata var. verticillata