Hoya padangensis

Hoya padangensis comes from Java and was described in 1916.  Its name means coming from Pandang Indonesia, which is the largest city on the West Coast of Sumatra.

I received a nice Hoya padangensis cutting in a trade late in the summer of 2015.  The cuttings had numerous old peduncles that had flowered many times before.  Even when this one was rooting, it kept trying to bud up on these old peduncles.  Finally after about eight tries the plant brought four buds to term.  I could not be more thrilled with these cute little flowers!  I have had this plant at this point in time (January 2016) about five months and it has yet to grow one new leaf!  It finally put out a new vine, but the only thing that appeared was yet another peduncle.  I really look forward to its first leaf!  It seems to be an exceedingly  slow grower with a high sensitivity to over watering.  If and when this plant decides to grow, I will update this page.

**Update**  August 2016 – The plant has now flowered a number of times, and I have achieved 14 flowers with the last flush.  The plant however is still exceedingly difficult to grow.  It finally put out a new vine, grew three leaves, then died back and I lost two of the three!  I love the flowers, but cannot in good conscience recommend this plant to anyone, but a very experienced grower.

Hoya padangensis 081516

Hoya padangensis 122215b