Hoya ischnopus

Hoya ischnopus came to me as a plant labeled “NOID Came as Montana” from SRQ Hoyas in 2012.  I have spent a lot of time on the Internet looking at photos, and have come to the conclusion that this plant can be nothing but ischnopus.  It is a native of New Guinea, and is an easy grower, but will not bloom under lights, or conditions that are too warm.  The flowers look almost identical to those found on H. kenejiana, but the leaves and habits are completely different.   Hoya kenejiana will bloom profusely under lights and loves warm conditions, but Hoya ischnopus seems to like the cool weather and may even need it to set buds.  I bloomed this plant in the summer of 2014 by putting the plant directly outdoors where it set buds and bloomed within eight weeks.

Hoya ischnopus 5Hoya ischnopus 8