Hoya sp. AH-556 Seeds – 002

Frequently when I order from Thailand I like to order a couple of plants that I know nothing about and that have no published flower photos. It is always fun to try to be the first a something, and it makes it more interesting sometimes not knowing what the heck you will get. Hoya sp. AH-556 Seeds – 002 is a Hoya that falls into that category.

I spotted a single leaf photo of Hoya sp. AH-556 Seeds – 002 from AH Hoyas online catalog in the spring of 2018. There was no flower photo, and the price was in the low $20 range so I decided to take a chance on it. I received most of the plants in that shipment in fairly good shape. I potted it up in my regular mix in a 3 inch net pot. The roots completely filled my 3 inch net pot in no time and I was faced with a decision to try to remove the pot and possibly damage the root system or plant the pot and all into another bigger net pot. I chose the latter and hoped for the best.

Apparently I made the right decision to plant the pot and all as it did not slow the growth down at all, and in just a few more months the roots had completely filled the 5 inch net pot that it now lived in. I then decided to up pot, and once again I left the net pot in place. This time I sunk the entire pot into an 8 inch non-net pot. Hoya sp. AH-556 Seeds – 002 was a very rapid and easy grower, and I was very excited to see my very first peduncle at about 8 months of age. It budded up as all good Hoyas do, and flowered shortly there after. The flowers of this Hoya may not be that much to look at but it has a fragrance that is vaguely spicy with hints of frankincense. The leaves and foliage of Hoya sp. AH-556 Seeds – 002 are spectacular and unlike any other Hoya that I have seen. The leaves will get a reddish tinge in high light, they feel great to the touch and they are just plain lovely.

Hoya sp. AH-556 Seeds – 002 has outstanding foliage, is a fairly frequent bloomer, has lovely scented flowers, and finally is a very easy grower. It is a plant that gets my highest recommendation!!