Hoya sp. aff. burtonaie

This is another great plant that is available commonly at the big box stores.   It will in all likelihood be mislabeled.  For many many years this Hoya was referred to as Hoya sp. DS-70 and has relatively recently been renamed. It is a relatively robust plant that likes a regular watering schedule; by that I mean don’t let it dry out for long periods or it will suffer – it also does not want to be really wet either.  It is less fussy about humidity in the winter than H. lacunosa, and if treated right will bloom most of the winter.  It usually flowers for me at around 18 months from cuttings.  I will also say that this plant is one of the slower to take hold from cuttings; it takes a fair amount of patience.

Hoya DS-70 Flower Photo Taken April 2013