Hoya sp. SR 2007-13 From Loei Province

Hoya sp. SR 2007-13 was purchased 2014 from Ric Morier in Florida.  I bought it because it was apparently rare because of its high price per cutting, and it had an unknown flower.  It also had foliage that was different than anything that I had. The plant rooted quickly and grew well almost from the start, but as someone who is used to flowering plants relatively quickly, I realized after 2 years this was not going to happen.  Every year I would move it outside into the greenhouse from the grow tents, and every year I would be disappointed when no peduncles formed.

Finally during year three, I get my first peduncle, and I watch it like a hawk for signs of budding up, and nothing happens.  I can’t tell you what it is like to watch a peduncle for months on end and get no results.  Finally in year four I get many more peduncles forming on Hoya sp. SR 2007-13, but still no budding up.  It was maddening!  They say that patience is a virtue, but truth be told I had just about run out of it, when finally in year five one of the peduncles finally started to bud up. After nearly Five years It Finally Flowers.  The flowers looked like so many others that I have had over the years, but I was ecstatic none the less.

Finally having flowered Hoya sp. SR 2007-13, I wanted to know more.  I did not even have a clue whose accession number started with SR.  I emailed Ric Morier, and he told me that it was the number of Surisa Somadee in Thailand and this plant belonged in the Hoya acuta/verticulata complex.  I surmise that this plant came to Surisa in 2007.

Hoya sp. SR 2007-13 is a great Hoya when grow for the foliage alone and even a better Hoya if you are looking for a flowering challenge.  The flowers if you are lucky enough to ever see them are incredibly fragrant.  It is an easy grower that I can highly recommend!

***Update*** (May 12, 2019) A knowledgeable viewer of my YouTube channel has found another name for this plant.  It is called Hoya sp. SR 2007-13 from Loei Province.  I found a few photos online and it indeed does match up.