Hoya nabawanensis

Hoya nabawanensis is native to Malaysia (Sabah on Borneo Island). It was brought to Dale Kloppenburg’s attention when samples were sent to him in June of 2001. He cited it, and named it a new species in 2002. It was first collected in Nabawan, Sabah, Borneo and this is where the plant gets it name. The Hoya was Found in mixed dipeterocarp hill forest and hill heath forest in a wet humid area with low bushes and low growing vegetation with sphagnum moss on floor. One of the original collectors was Eva-Karin Wiberg.

I received a nice cutting of Hoya nabawanensis late in the summer of 2023. It rooted easily in coconut husk and was very straight forward growing. I would compare it to Hoya lacunosa in its difficulty of cultivation. At this point it has been up-potted twice and it is currently in a four inch nursery pot. It budded up and flowered nine months after starting it from a cutting. It has been watered by soaking the pot with coconut husk chip substrate once a week.

I hope to bring this easy growing plant back in the future when it gets a little larger. I want to thank my friend Wil for gifting me the cutting as it was something that was never on my radar. It makes a lovely, easy growing specimen and get my highest recommendation!