Hoya sp. UT-001

Hoya sp. UT-001 otherwise known as Hoya sp. Sumatra is native to the Way Kambas National Park in Sumatra.  I bought this cutting from Aleagarden in Thailand in the spring of 2012 and bloomed it around two years later in the late spring of 2014.

It is a beautiful little plant with some of the nicest leaves in the Hoya world.  They look like they have been hit with white and silver over-spray from a can of spray paint.  The blooms have hints of pink, alabaster, and gold and are quite unusual.  I detected very little scent and the flowers last around one week.  Care is the usual, I grew and flowered mine exclusively under grow lights.  Be aware that this Hoya, just like many of them, is sensitive to over watering so only water when dry.  I give this plant an enthusiastic thumbs up!  Click on any of the gallery photos to see full-sized.

Hoya sp. UT-001Hoya sp. UT-001 061714b