Hoya manipurensis

Apparently, some kind of DNA evidence says Hoya manipurensis should be a Hoya, but this plant looks far more like a Dischidia to me.  It has been moved in and out of plant Genus over the years.  It was formerly Micholitzia obcordata and before that Dischidia obcordata.

I don’t really know what to say about this “Hoya.” I ordered it from a Thai Ebay vendor in 2013, and have been suffering with it ever since.  The plant arrived almost fried.  All of the other plants in the box were crisp and crunchy.  I took a small four inch cutting from the living portion and managed to almost root it over and over again.  Once I got it rooted, I over watered and the roots rotted off.  I took a three inch cutting and managed to root it again, where it has grown three leaves in eight months.  It has however finally flowered with 16 tiny flowers which last around three weeks.  If and when this “Hoya” ever starts to really grow, I will report back!

**Update** Finally lost my original plant and picked up another larger leaved, smaller flowered clone in the summer of 2016.  It flowered a few months later.  I am growing this one in coarse orchid bark and it seems to be doing slightly better.  The photos of the new plant can be seen in the bottom gallery.

Hoya manipurensis 071615Hoya manipurensis 071515a Hoya manipurensis 071515