Hoya kanyakumariana

This Hoyas name is a mouthful, but it makes my list of my 10 favorite Hoyas.  It is small growing non-twiner with white flowers from India.  It is a perfect plant to grow under artificial light; not only does it do well and flower profusely, but it does not get too large.  The leaves are very hard, small, leathery and almost fan shaped.  It can be a slow grower, but I find that when grown warm and humid, it grows at a pretty good clip.   Hoya kanyakumariana comes as one of my most recommended and can be grown both as a hanger or on a trellis – a little beauty! I now have a new You Tube video tour of this wonderful plant – one of my top five Hoyas to own titled A Visit with Hoya kanyakumariana.  Here is the link: