Hoya sp. aff. vitellina IML 1348

I not exactly sure of the details, but I think that I got this plant as a cutting from Ric Morier in Florida in 2015.  The tag on it says Hoya vitellina IML 1348, but I see that everyone else online is calling it Hoya sp. aff. vitellina IML 1348 so I guess that is what I will do.  It is also known by the accession number IPPS7203.

This Hoya hails from Java and is a very vigorous grower needing to be potted-up many times.  My plant is currently in an 8 inch pot and would like to move up to 10 inches.  It flowered for the first time under sunlight in an outdoor tent greenhouse in 2017, but has subsequently flowered under intense artificial lighting.

If you’ve got the space, I can’t recommend Hoya sp. aff. vitellina IML 1348 highly enough.  It is a strong grower with an unusually colored flower.  It would be a great plant for the beginner and expert alike.


Hoya sp. aff. vitellina IML 1348 Summer of 2017