Hoya benvergarai

Hoya benvergarai was named after leading plant scientist Ben Vergara from the Philippines, which is also the plant’s homeland. It was first collected in Dolores, Quezon in 2006.

There are very few photographs of this plant online, and the only one my specimen agrees with is the place I bought it from – Aleyagarden in Thailand.  Since flower coloration can differ widely in plants I am going to keep my identification until proven that this plant is not indeed Hoya benvergarai.

Sometimes you get lucky, and I feel like I won the lottery with this Hoya.  I bought it as a cutting in April of 2015 and it flowered in August.  It put on no growth other than forming the peduncle, which produced the flowers.  The flowers are beautiful, but produce no detectable scent.  If an when my plant decides to actually grow I will report back.

Hoya benvergarai 090415

Hoya benvergarai 090315