Hoya pottsii ‘Coopers Creek’ IML 0353

I obtained a cutting of Hoya pottsii ‘Coopers Creek’ when I was starting to get into Hoyas seriously in 2008.  I bought it on the reputation of its beautiful leaves, and it did not disappoint!  Getting it to bloom was a different story and was not achieved until the February of 2014, a full six years after acquiring the plant.

Hoya pottsii ‘Coopers Creek’ is native to the Cooper’s Creek Wilderness area in Queensland, Australia – one of the largest undisturbed Rainforests in the world.  I finally got this one to bloom in a high humidity grow tent using a combination of T-5 fluorescent and High Pressure Sodium lighting.  I have not found this to be a plant that does well for me in the regular house without a lot of special attention, but if you have that attention to give, and don’t mind waiting for blooms, this might be just the Hoya for you!

Update December 2022: Hoya pottsii is now considered a synonym of Hoya verticillata var. verticillata.