Hoya kentiana

Years ago I bought a Hoya labeled Hoya kentiana in one of the big box stores that grew amazing and flowered profusely over the entire summer outside. I quickly found out from people on the online Hoya forums that this plant was mislabeled and should have been called Hoya wayetii. Late in the summer of 2018 I received a free Hoya cutting in an order from Ric Morier labeled Hoya aff. kentiana. It was not a Hoya that I ever would have sought out as I felt that it was kind of like been there, done that. I however planted the cutting, which proved to be as easy as its close cousin Hoya wayetii.

Hoya aff. kentiana is in the Acanthostemma Section of Hoya and as such has the same wonderful butterscotch fragrance indicative to almost all the flowers in this group. They last about a week before beginning to fall off. The flowers are close to Hoya wayetii, but there are minute differences in the shape of the corona, which apparently botanists have no trouble discerning. I find that the biggest difference between the two plants are the length and shape of the leaves with Hoya kentiana having far longer and more pointed leaves.

Hoya aff. kentiana grew exceptionally well in my regular Hoya mix and is a plant that also does well living as a hanging plant in a window in the house, meaning that no special provisions such as grow tents are needed for success. This is one of those Hoyas that I cannot imagine growing trellised, but if you have done it, I would love to see photos! Hoya aff. kentiana is a plant that I never would have looked for, but I am really glad that I have it now. It is a very easy care, easy bloomer that would do well for any novice Hoya keeper, but would add a little spice to the intermediate growers collection as well. The long pointed leaves make a good substitute for a Hoya that I find impossible to grow in Hoya shepherdii. This plant gets my highest recommendation.