Hoya sp. Mindanao UT-247

Hoya sp. Mindanao UT-247 is a Philippine Hoya that was received as a small rooted plant from Thailand, in May of 2018, and flowered for the first time in October of 2018. I started by growing the plant in a series of net pots, which became too difficult to remove and potted them up by leaving the pots in place. This is a plant that grew very easily for me with no special demands. After filling two net pots full of roots, I transplanted it into a six inch regular pot where it continued to thrive. I did notice though the plant does best under medium light and high humidity.

The flowers of Hoya sp. Mindanao UT-247 are heavy nectar drippers and have no detectable scent. They only last for a few days then unreflex, fade, and fall off soon after. This plant is very closely related to H. ilagiorum and like that plant won’t stop flowering. It flowers to the point of being annoying as one spends all one’s time picking up spent flowers and cleaning the nectar off from the leaves. I have had as many as four peduncles of open flowers at one time on this Hoya.

For all of you looking for and extremely quick and easy to flower Hoya, I can’t recommend this plant more highly. For those who are more concerned about the mess of constant flowering, you might want to look elsewhere. I do however love the bright red flowers of this species and have had a lot of fun with the plant over all!