Hoya curtisii

I have had many ups and downs with Hoya curtisii over the four years that I have had the plant.  First I had to learn how to grow it, which seemed to take at least three years.  Every time it would start to grow well, I would do something wrong, and all the new growing tips would dry up.  It does not like to have wet feet for very long, or it will immediately show its displeasure.  It needs relatively high humidity and to dry out between watering, followed by a good soak.

Early this spring I spent twenty minutes sitting down and thoroughly examining the plant looking for peduncles.  Let me tell you; they are difficult to find!  They are very small and camouflaged within the foliage.  After resorting to a magnifying glass, I found what looked like small peduncles with many annular rings where apparently it had aborted buds many times before.

I was determined that 2014 was going to be my year for blooming this plant and came up with a strategy to do just that.  After reading online about how most people who bloomed this plant kept it in very bright conditions, I set out to see how much sun I could find for my little curtisii.  I put a series of shepherd’s crooks around my house, and I would move my plant throughout the day from one to another following the sun.  I would also mist it often with the garden hose.  Within a short time I could see buds begin to grow on the camouflaged peduncles.  It took a long time from the discovery of tiny buds to the opening of the flowers.  I would say at least 10 weeks, which is a very long time compared to most Hoyas.  All I can say is that it is worth the effort, and as a bonus the plant has a beautiful fragrance!  My highest recommendation for this plant even if it never flowers for you!