Dischidia milnei

While Dischidia milnei is closely related to Dischidia collyris, I find the plants to be quite different.  The leaves of Dischidia milnei are much larger and a very light gray/green.  The leaves of Dischidia collyris are very dark green and smaller.  The flowers are very similar. The common name for Dischidia milnei is Rain of Coins, which I really like quite a bit.

Growing Dischidia milnei is not that difficult, but does require almost daily attention.  I grow the plant mounted on a sphagnum moss covered tube.  I need to submerge the plant daily to ensure that it receives enough water.  It no longer works to spray the plant as the leaves have ‘shingled’ the tube and repels any attempt to wet it by misting or spraying.  If I can keep it looking good throughout the rest of the winter, I will sell it in the spring as I simply don’t have the time to give it a daily soaking any longer.