Hoya mirabilis – Clone B

I received Hoya mirabilis Clone B as a rooted cutting from Julie Kennedy in the summer of 2014 and it was blooming in December of that year.   There are two Hoya mirabilis clones: Clone B is the one with the smaller leaves that are splashed with silver.  Hoya mirabilis is believed to be closely related to Hoya lacunosa; the flowers look quite similar but are many times larger with each flower measuring 3/8 inch across (0.9525 mm).  The plant is a native of Thailand

My plant has grown extremely well using the semi-hydro method with hydroton.  It has flowered many times in rapid succession under a combination of LED and T-5 fluorescent lighting.  I can’t really say enough good things about this plant, and believe that every collector whether advanced or novice should own the plant.  This Hoya grows easily, and the flowers smell like freshly cut grass; what is not to love!

**Update 031316**  The only thing not to love about this plant is that is is a copious nectar dripper, and will make a real mess indoors.  This plant is best kept outside where it can be rinsed off every couple of days.

Hoya mirabilis 031316Hoya mirabilis 031116b

Hoya mirabilis 010615f