Hoya quinquenervia

Hoya quinquenervia was first collected in O. Warburg Malunu, Isabela Province in Luzon, Philippines and was described in 1904.  The young leaves often have reddish/purple hues and the larger leaves take on a strong reddish tone in strong light.

The following quote was taken from a Russian Online Hoya Catalog:

Flowers collected in the round umbrellas. Corolla yellow color, smooth on the outside, with a delicate hairs in, 0.7 – 0.8 cm in diameter; . white crown flower Hoya quinquenerviacan be easily distinguished from Hoya merrillii (also abundantly covered with leaves species with yellow flowers) in Hoya quinquenervia corolla lobes horizontal, while Hoya merrillii corolla lobes are raised at the outer ends. There are many other differences, but it is – the main thing that is easy to see.”

I have not been growing Hoya quinquenervia for very long, but all indications are that it is an easy grower and prolific bloomer.  It has grown more peduncles than leaves since I have owned it.  The flowers seem to last about four or five days but close up and hang on for some time before dropping.  It flowered from cutting at one year of age; the flowers are about 5/16″ across and have a mildly sweet scent.  I really like the form and flower structure of this plant and think that it is one that I will be keeping around for a long time.

Hoya quinquenervia 061616b