Hoya Rebecca

I received the following information from Antone Jones back in 2019 on the creation of Hoya Rebecca and Hoya Rachel:

This cross happened at my old nursery, Spring Valley Tropicals back in 2007 or 2008 (I can verify once I get home). The actual cross is Hoya lacunosa Langkawi Island (a smaller variety) x obscura. This one I did not do by hand (unlike Patricia and Naughty Noel) but I did witness and photo capture the moth/butterfly who pollinated it in action. The pod formed on the umbel not long after. Rebecca has a sister cultivar named, Rachel. They are from the same pod but the seedlings looked different to me and so I gave them each a separate name and tossed the rest of the seedlings away.

Antone Jones

Hoya Rachel was kindly given to me in a trade by an collector named Naomi from right here in Vermont. I rooted it in a clear 3 oz cup using coconut husk in June of 2021. It rooted quickly and immediately started putting on growth. This plant has stayed in its original tiny clear pot and budded up and flowered in February of this year (2022). It is watered about twice a week because of the small pot size and free draining media. I plan to up-pot this plant soon.

Hoya Rachel is a sweet little Hoya that make a fine companion for Hoya Rebecca, or just to grow on its own. It is an easy grower that would work well in any houseplant collection!