Hoya erythrina Nara

I received Hoya erythrina Nara as a very small rooted plant back in May of 2018 from AH Hoyas in Thailand; it came as part of a 12 plant order and acclimated quickly to my warm humid grow tent. It was grown in a series of net pots so that I could more easily monitor the water needs of the plant.  It was an easy grower at least in my warm, humid grow tent.  I don’t know how it would fare in normal household conditions.  It flowered for the first time in October of 2018 and was the first plant to flower from the Thai order to flower.

I love the fuzzy flowers on this plant, and since its first flowering it has almost never been out of bloom, or bud.  Sometimes I have had up to three peduncles blooming at the same time. If this plant was to have one drawback, it would have to be that the flowers drip huge amounts of clear nectar, which needs to be washed off, or you will develop sooty mold in short order.

I really know nothing about the origins of this plant other than I think that it comes from Malaysia.  If someone could enlighten me as to where the ‘Nara’ comes from in its name, I would be very grateful!

Other than dripping nectar, Hoya erythrina Nara with it cute, little, fuzzy, flowers gets my highest recommendation for all growers.  It is so easy and floriferous that all everyone should have this one in their collection if they have the room.