Hoya sp. Rangsan

Hoya sp. Rangsan came to me as a nice cutting from my friend Robert Beckman. It has been in the trade for a few years now, but was not really on my radar. The cutting rooted very quickly in coconut husk with a little perlite thrown in, which right now is my medium of choice. I rooted it in June of 2022, and it grew well from the start. Hoya sp. Rangsan flowered for the first time only four months after starting it from a cutting. So if you are looking for a quick bloomer this one would definitely fit the bill!

Hoya sp. Rangsan is primarily grown for its splashy leaves. I can find very little online on the origins of this plant; the best I can come up with is that it hails from Rangsang, Indonesia. There is a movement right now in the Hoya world to lump many previously separate species into single species with different clones dependent on locations and the like. I suspect that Hoya sp. Rangsan will be lumped in with Hoya latifolia. The flowers are identical to the flowers of macrophylla and polystachya, which are now all called Hoya latifolia.

I hope to bring this plant back in the future when I have had the chance to grow it for more than a few months. Right now I would have to rank it pretty high for both its beauty as a foliage plant and its ability to flower quickly right out of the gate!