Just the Flowers Ma’am! (A-L)

Welcome to my new Just the Flowers Ma’am Page! (A-L)  Sub-pages of this parent page are where you will find the best of the best of my time-lapse videos.  Just the Flowers Ma’am is an homage to Jack Webb’s Dragnet.  If you remember the show, Jack was always trying to cut to the chase and get the victims of a crime, or witnesses to only give him the pertinent information, or the facts so to speak.  He would attempt it many times by stating “Just the facts Ma’am.”

I have many wonderful new time-lapses that I will be regularly adding to this collection over the next several months.  These videos will mostly be set to classical music, or nature sounds and be stripped of most of the “extras” like travelogue footage, cats, and humorous touches that accompany most of my videos.  I will still be making those films as well, but you will not find them here.

On each of the species sub-pages of this page you will find a simple photo of the plant and the link to the video.  Without further ado: Just the Flowers Ma’am (A-L)!