Dischidia cleistantha

Dischidia cleistantha is a native of the Philippines and a close cousin of the Hoya both being members of the family Apocynaceae, and as such we love this plant here at Vermont Hoyas.  It is not particularly well suited for life here in the northern climes, but with a little accommodation room can be found for it in a terrarium, or other suitable habitat like a grow tent.  I think that it is well worth the effort.

I grow mine on sphagnum moss covered tubing which gets misted daily and submerged in a nutrient solution twice weekly.  It was described in 2003, and is a really fun little shingle plant that will reward you with some of the largest flowers in the Dischidia world.  I say large but they still only top out at about 1/4″ in length (6.35 mm).

Dischidia cleistantha 032516b

Dischidia cleistantha 032416