Hoya spartioides

Hoya spartioides is a native of Borneo and was first described in the 1800s.  It is a very strange plant made up entirely of peduncles with leaves almost never making an appearance, and if they do, they are very short lived.  I have read on the internet that they come from dry and harsh conditions.  This information is not in keeping with how I care for my plant.  The very pretty flowers only last a day.

I have wanted Hoya spartioides for a long time as I am partial to strange plants.  About 3 1/2 months ago I spotted on Ebay the saddest example of the species that I had ever seen.  There was two miserly little little stalks planted in an angelfish planter.  Fortunately for me not many people could see the potential in what was offered as I stole the plant for $32.  The seller was clear that the plant came bare root without the planter, which didn’t hurt my feelings any, because it was some kind of awful!  Well, I have turned that miserly little plant completely around and tripled the number of stalks to six.  Not only that, but I took that poor plant, which languished on a West Texas TV console, in an angelfish planter, and made it bloom!

I keep my plant moist at all times and never allow it to dry out.  I give it strong artificial light, but feel that it would even do better with stronger lighting.  I am about to begin some trials with LED lighting and will report back on how this species responds to it.

Hoya spartioides Buds

Hoya spartioides Flowers Partially Closed

Hoya spartioides 080114Hoya spartioides 080114cHoya spartioides 080114a