Hoya mindorensis

Hoya mindorensis is a native of the Philippines that apparently does not like the conditions of my house in Vermont.  I have struggled with this species over the years, having killed my first specimen in a three year downward spiral.  I acquired a second specimen last year, and I am very pleased that it bloomed for me.  I don’t think the plant is overly happy in the way too hot grow-tent that it lives in and will do better when I get it out to the greenhouse this summer.  I believe this Hoya would do best in warm humid conditions with a nightly drop in temperatures of 10°F.  It wants to be evenly moist, but is very susceptible to over watering – err on the side of too dry.  It would like bright conditions with little direct sunshine.  I think that the bloom is outstanding with all of the little white hairs.  My plant is the standard red variety, but it is available in several other variations including pink and yellow.  I can’t really give this species a ringing endorsement for growing in my area of the country unless you want a real challenge! Here is a link to a time-lapse video of the blooms opening on H. mindorensis: http://youtu.be/qet3YMcW6ok