Hoya decipulae

Hoya decipulae is endemic to West Lampung, Sumatra, Indonesia in a protected forest. It was discovered in a mixed hill forest on July 16th, 2017. The plant grew on Bamboo plants at 783 meters in elevation. This Hoya gets its name from the latin word decipula, which means to catch, ensnare, entrap, or beguile, and in this species refers to the corolla which before it is fully open resembles a trap or cage.

Hoya decipulae Most Closely Resembles Hoya papaschonii; Both plants are thin-leafed epiphytic shrubs with similarities in its flowering. The flowers however of Hoya decipulae are much larger with the distinctive cage shape.

I don’t have too much to say about growing Hoya decipulae at this point as I have only had it for a few months, but will share my initial observations. I received this species as a nicely rooted small plant in at 3 inch pot. I put it into my warm and humid grow tent in July of 2023, and flowered it for the first time only 3 months later. My initial observations of this plant indicates that much like Hoya papaschonii, it requires a fair amount of water and does not like it when its mix dries out too much. It also tends to have new leaves get chlorotic when this happens. It seems to put out peduncles at every leaf node.

I will definitely be bringing this plant a lot when I get a better handle on its care. It is a completely unique Hoya and hopefully with age will become a spectacular specimen. It appears pretty easy to grow, and if you are looking for different, oddball type Hoyas, then this has to go to the top of your list!