Hoya alagensis NS05-232

I received Hoya sp. NS05-232 as Hoya halconensis ‘Big Leaf’ from Julie Kennedy early in the summer of 2016 and it bloomed for the first time in the spring of 2017.  While its common name was Hoya halconensis ‘Big Leaf’, I will refer to it by its accession number as it seems considerably different than Hoya halconensis.  You can see below the huge differences in the buds of the two plants. They literally look nothing like one another. This is a Nathalie Simonsson Hoya, and I’m unsure exactly where she discovered it.  I’m going to have to guess that it was in Papua New Guinea, as that is where she has done much of her work.  If anyone has more information on the plant please message me.

You can also see a comparison photo of the two halconensis flowers below, and other than both being covered in short hair, they look very different in size and shape.  I believe when all is said and done Hoya sp. NS05-232 will be a new species.

**Update June 11, 2017**

After further research, and someone kindly letting me know that I originally had the wrong accession number on this plant, I found out that this species is now widely accepted to be H. alagensis.  This Hoya is from Mindoro Philippines and is part of the entire Hoya alagensis complex, which inclueds H. buotii, H. halconensis, H. coriacea, and several others.  They all have many similarities with subtle differences.