Hoya pachyclada

Hoya pachyclada is a rather unusual Hoya that can be treated more like a succulent – I only water mine when it has thoroughly dried out.  There is some controversy over the name.  I have seen some Hoya pachycladas that look considerably different than mine.  I know that I bought mine under that name, and I will go with it for now.  The leaves are a gray/green, pubescent (slightly fuzzy), and it produces a lovely flower, and lots of them!!  Some people say that it is a slow grower, and it is unless conditions are to its liking; then I find it can grow quite rapidly – Highly recommended!

**Update**There seems to be some question as to whether my Hoya pachyclada might be Hoya subquintuplinervis.  All I know if I bought it under the pachyclada name from Melanie Myers years ago.  She was a very knowledgeable Hoya grower, and I will leave my plant labeled as is until I know definitively one way or another.  When you look at photos online, it could be either or.  Whether you want to call it H. pachyclada, or H. Hoya subquintuplinervis you will have to agree that it is one of the finest Hoya plants of all time.