Hoya halophila

Hoya halophila came to me as a cutting in the summer of 2012 from SRQ Hoyas in Florida.  After a couple of stumbles along the way the plant started growing strongly in the last half of 2013 and flowered in February of 2014.  Its name means salt tolerant and it is a native of the Ramu Delta of PNG.  It came with an IML # of 1116, which is an accession number assigned by the late David Liddle of Australia.  The blooms last about a week and smell strongly of caramel.

I really like the form and leaf size of this plant, and while I grow it as an upright, it would be equally nice in a hanging basket.  I really recommend that everyone give this plant a try.


 Hoya halophila (IML 1116) Showing Entire Plant

 Hoya Halophila021014c