Hoya soligamiana

I received Hoya soligamiana as a cutting from my good friend Julie Kennedy, and the plant actually grew a peduncle and flowered right in my rooting chamber.  The entire process only took around six weeks.  Although I did not “earn” these blooms I will take them anyway.   The flowers are very pleasing in coloration being very different than the common buff flowers of many Hoyas.  I am currently growing the plant in semi-hydro where the plant seems to be very happy putting out much new growth.

The little that I can find on Hoya soligamiana states that it was found at an altitude of 200 meters, in the Luzon,Quezon Province, Atimonan Municipality of  the Philippines.  It was discovered in June of 2006 and published in 2009 by Kloppenburg, Siar & Cajano.

Hoya soligamiana 060615

Hoya soligamiana Plant and Leaves