Hoya sp. UT-012 Aff. forbesii (EPC-700)

I received Hoya sp. UT-012 Aff. forbesii as a cutting from a grower in North Carolina back in the summer of 2017. It quickly rooted, and put out a vine, but it was difficult to get this one to put on new leaves. After growing this one for a few months I finally got a new leaf on the bare vine, and what a leaf it was! It got these amazing bright pink blotches, which were quite striking.

I got my first peduncle when the plant was about 8-10 months old. It soon budded up an flowered. It was easy to see why this plant is called Aff. forbesii as the flowers are identical to that species, while the leaves are completely different. This plant turned out very susceptible to root rot. It would have many stops and starts over time, and became quite frustrating for me after a while.

This plant is apparently native to Java, but that is all of the information that I have on it at this point in time. I absolutely love the foliage on Hoya sp. UT-012 Aff. forbesii and just wish it was easier to grow. I got so tired of restarting this plant that I finally got rid of it. I can only recommend this one for the advanced grower, or intermediate grower who is looking for a challenge.