Dischidia astephana

Dischidia astephana is a montane species endemic to the mountainous regions of Malaysia.  As such it does best mounted, growing in cooler, humid conditions.

I purchased my cork mounted plant in September of 2017 on eBay from a grower in San Francisco.  That alone should tell you that it does best in a cool humid environment.  The plant was already in flower when I received it and has not flowered again as I write this in February of 2018.  I have been soaking it in a mild fertilizer solution for 10 minutes every day.  It lives under an LED light, and the plant has grown well, but I think it would be happier if kept cooler.

I think the flowers, although very tiny, are amazing, and I’m very happy that I had the chance to photograph them.  Anyone who has suitable conditions to grow this plant should pick one up as it is just a very fun specimen to keep.