Hoya parviflora

Hoya parviflora was first described in 1834 and is endemic to the lowland forests of Thailand and Burma. It falls into that category of Hoyas that will bloom right in the propagation box.  I bought this cutting from Ric Morier on Ebay and not only did it bloom while rooting on an old peduncle, but grew a new peduncle and will flower on that one as well. Except for the flowers of Hoya ignorata, the blooms of Hoya parviflora are the smallest that I have seen.  I don’t believe that they are much larger than about .125 inches or 3.5 mm.  The entire peduncle of blooms is slightly larger than a nickel. I have seen photos of this plant both in a hanging basket and twined around a trellis, and they look equally beautiful.  I anxiously wait for mine to start growing and will add additional information here when I have been growing it for longer than two months!

Hoya parviflora 070115b