Hoya sp. (SR-2010-049) Fraser Hills

I bought Hoya sp. (SR-2010-049) Fraser Hills from Ric Morier in Florida in an eBay transaction back in 2014.  It was not a plant that really liked me all that much, and I had to start it over many times over the years until I got a really nice specimen going. This plant has the accession number of Surisa Somadee, who apparently added it to her collection in 2010.  It is a species that comes from Fraser’s Hill, which is a resort in Pahang, Malaysia.

The common name for this Hoya is the Fraser’s Hill lacunosa.  I’m usually very good at growing Hoya lacunosa, but this plant was just plain difficult from the start so it took me a number of years to flower it.  Partly it was my fault, as it would just sit there not doing anything for months at a time, before I found the wherewithal to start it over, and this happened at least three times.

Finally I got a nice specimen and I think it was worth all the work as the flowers and umbels are much bigger than on the regular lacunosa.  The scent is the same beautiful perfume found on the regular plant.  I can heartily recommend this plant to everyone!