Hoya stoneana

It is not known where Hoya stoneana was collected.  It was Named in honor of Margie Stone,  a Hoya enthusiast from Eugene, Oregon, USA.  For many years it was found in collections as Hoya longifolia (pubescent form).  It is yet another species published by Dale Kloppenberg where there is a dispute as to whether it truly is another species.

I received Hoya stoneana as a small rooted cutting from Joni at SRQ Hoyas in June of 2012.  The plant came with the name Hoya siamica and I grew it as such until I found out in summer of 2014 that it was in fact Hoya stoneana.  It grew well from the start and produced numerous peduncles all to no effect.  The peduncles would also form annular rings like it had flowered many times before, but alas I could never spot the formation of any buds.  I do believe that the plant did form buds but they were too small to see with the naked eye, and they would abort immediately and thus created the peduncle rings.  Finally in the spring of 2014 I put the plant directly outdoors where it would get dappled sunshine and be exposed to temperatures as low as the mid 40°s.  It did not take long after that cool weather exposure to set buds and keep them.  It flowered in July and many times during that summer.

The flowers are very strongly fragrant and will perfume an entire house.  I would not say that they are the most pleasing to the nose; smelling somewhat floral with a strong dash of chlorine thrown in for good measure.  I can heartily recommend the plant for ease of growth, compact nature, and beautiful flowers.

Hoya siamica Powerful Scent