Hoya sp. UT-038 Flores Island

I purchased Hoya sp. UT-038 Flores Island from AH Hoyas in the summer of 2016 as a small rooted plant. I knew nothing about the plant and bought it just because it had the UT accession number, which always produced really nice Hoyas. The UT stand for Uthai Treesukhon, a famous Thai Hoya collector.

This plant was an easy grower right from the beginning, and lived in my regular potting mix, and like most of my new Hoyas was kept in a warm, humid grow tent until it flowers for the first time. It developed its first peduncle at a little less than a year old and promptly budded up in May of 2017. Shortly after budding up it flowered for the first time, and the flowers were nicely perfumed. The entire process of flowering this Hoya was completely unproblematic. This plant was a fairly rapid grower and needed a number of up-pottings until it’s final home was in an 8 inch plastic pot where it lived happily until I chopped it up this year and sold most of it off for cuttings.

Hoya sp. UT-038 Flores Island is really a no muss, no fuss kind of plant that is very easy to cultivate and presents no real challenges. Like most Hoyas it appreciates extra warmth and humidity, but will live without it. With the dark green foliage and the bright yellow flowers, it makes a fine specimen plant.