Hoya sp. NS05-055

Hoya sp. NS05-055 was collected in the Oro Province of Papua New Guinea by Nathalie Caowynn Juhonewe.  It is a very lovely clone of Hoya anulata.  Nathalie is a very special person who has collected Hoyas in the wild all over the world.  She is not only a botanist, but is also a humanitarian who has greatly helped the deaf population of PNG.

Hoya sp. NS05-055 was not the easiest Hoya for me to either grow, or to flower.  The plant had many stops and starts in the almost 3 years that I have been growing it.  When it finally grew peduncles, it literally dropped hundreds of buds before I could bring any to term.  I had almost given up on ever flowering it when it just surprised me one day.

Hoya sp. NS05-055 is a very beautiful plant with the leaves turning the most lovely shade of red in good light.  I think if you can obtain the plant, it is worth giving it a go, as one in flower is truly a sight to behold!

Hoya sp. NS05-055 060116Hoya sp. NS05-055 053016a