Hoya sipitangensis

Hoya sipitangensis was described in 2002 by Kloppenburg and Wiberg and was named after Sipitang, Sabah, Malasia – the locality in which the plant was found. The distribution of the plant in Borneo is fairly widespread throughout Brunei and Sabah where It lives in the coastal forests and low land hill forests to 300 meters. According to Christine Burton Hoya sipitangensis and Hoya walliniana are the same Hoya.  They are listed as two separate species in the book “A Guide to Hoyas of Borneo”  The flowers of H. walliniana are supposed to be much smaller.  I grow both plants, but have yet to flower walliniana and will report back when I do.

I grow Hoya sipitangensis using my own very chunky peat-based potting mix.  It rooted easily but stalled out for months because like most of my Hoyas, I over watered it early.  It eventually regained its footing and has been growing like a champ under T-5 fluorescent lighting in a humid grow-tent. Hoya sipitangensis is a relatively easy grower that stays at a manageable size, gets gorgeous leaves, and great looking flowers as a bonus.  Pick one of these plants up now; I don’t think you will regret it.