Hoya ‘Seanie’

Hoya ‘Seanie’ is a H. archboldiana x H. onychoides cross that took about 2 1/2 years to bloom from a cutting.  Its care is similar to all of the archboldiana / macgillivrayii type of Hoyas – Dry in the winter and lots of water in the summer.  I think I could have bloomed this Hoya far earlier, but I did not have the space to give it the conditions that it desired.  Also, it suffered from the same thing that a number of my plants suffered from: inadequate drainage caused from adding vinyl screening to the bottom of some of my clay pots.  The fine screening was quickly clogged with fine material and it did not drain fast enough to prevent damaging some of the fine root hairs.  I have since fixed this condition in 95% of the affected plants.  I love the huge size flowers and the white streaking.  I brought this plant to bloom in a grow tent – see my Hoyas Under the Lights Tour video to see just exactly what a grow tent is.