Hoya ranauensis

Hoya ranauensis had been in the trade for two decades under the moniker of Hoya sp. Poring Hot Springs. It is named after the district of Eastern Sabah, Borneo where it was discovered. It was published by Dale Kloppenburg and Ted Green in their never ending quest to create new species.  According to Dale Kloppenburg, Hoya ranauensis and Hoya vitellinoides are supposed to be similar in appearance.  I do not find this true at all, and don’t believe they look any thing alike.

I received Hoya ranauensis as a cutting from Ric Morier in the late summer of 2016 and it flowered for the first time in February of 2018, and has flowered many times since.  It is a very easy grower that I recommend to any one who wants to try a Finlaysonii-type Hoya for the first time.