Hoya sp. BP-01

Hoya sp. BP-01 came to me as a cutting from my friend Naomi in a trade early last summer (2021). I rooted it in coconut husk chips where it grew well and rather quickly formed a couple of peduncles. I had numerous bud blasts on this plant before managing to get this Hoya to bring its buds to term. I am unsure if it was the coconut husk substrate, or not, but I am glad that I finally pulled it off. While these flowers look like they would be fragrant, there was absolutely no scent that was detectable.

The strangest thing about this Hoya is the fact that it seems to carry two different types of leaves. One leaf is flat, with subtle venation and the other leaf has pronounced scalloping. Move the slider below to examine the differences in the leaves.

I thought I knew most of the accession number abbreviations, but had never heard of this one. After posting a video, on this species, and asking what BP stood for, someone kindly had the answer: BP is the accession number for Ban Phaeo Hoya Nursery in Thailand.

I know very little about the origins of this Hoya, but its unusual leaves coupled with its short time to bring into flower makes for a winning combination. I would say that this plant is clearly worth adding to any Hoya collection.

Move the slider to see the differences in the leaves found on Hoya sp. BP-01